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I have more than ten years experience working in academic communications and administration, and in freelance writing, editing and photography. Today I offer freelance editing services to academic researchers for just about any type of writing. I have experience writing, editing and consulting on grant proposals, most recently winning MCCHR at Wilfrid Laurier University a $70,000 three-month-contract with the Province of Ontario for online learning research, and I also have experience writing and editing journal articles, course material, and content for engaging the public with research.

This portfolio demonstrates a lot of work from my full-time position at University of Toronto’s Geography and Planning Department (2009-2015), among other projects.

And this portfolio is from my first year as a professional writer and editor (2007)

Introduction to Compassion Practices for Life

Ten years ago I decided on a base mission for my life, to relieve the most amount of suffering possible, practicing compassion indiscriminately and without judgement for myself and others, and focusing on that suffering which I’m most able to relieve, even if that means mostly focusing on my own suffering first.

Since then I have developed these practices as a way to interrupt thinking and feeling patterns that I’m attempting to change, as a way to remind myself that I’m a peaceful and caring person, even when my thoughts and feelings would have me thinking otherwise, and as a way to better understand and tend to the relationships in my life.

For 2021, I’m publishing a variety of material, including my story on what drove me to these practices. Sharing my practices with others is the first step towards publishing my ideas, articles and books for 2021. The practices are my most practical and useful self-created knowledge that I can share.

Thank you for practicing with me,